This is How Polytechnic After 10th Builds Your Career

Choosing a field of career after 10th has become more intricate in these past few years. The rise of various professional courses creates a type of confusion around which branch to opt; whether science, commerce or arts. As these years turn out to be a foundation of one’s career, it becomes crucial to decide upon a field with a thorough understanding of the plus and minuses beforehand.

It becomes simpler if the subject of interest is little clear in prior. If you are interested in maths, manufacture and production side, engineering can be your bit. But today, there is a more similar course that has significantly risen in India. Diploma in Polytechnic is what this blog will talk about further.

What is Polytechnic?

Polytechnic in general is a diploma course in engineering which is completed in a span of 2-3 years maximum after 10th. Polytechnic diploma is a gateway to enroll directly in the second year of B. Tech (Bachelor of Technology) or B. E. (Bachelor of Engineering) as a graduation course to purse.

Plain Perks of Polytechnic (P-P-P)

  • Worry free transfer– Without many formalities, a polytechnic student can enroll for a degree course in engineering; but now directly in the second year of the B.E or B. Tech.
  • Practical knowledge imparted– The learning in specific domain straight after 10th class facilitates practical knowledge in sooner time aiding a student to choose the best for the career.
  • Not much expensive– As it saves the years, it saves the cost, too. Plus, the fees are comparatively lesser depending upon the institute.
  • Stress less opportunities more – A polytechnic course focuses more on the skill-based learning and thus exposes to better opportunities.

These all above factors collectively enrich the learning process and builds the career after 10th for a student interested in engineering. However, choosing a reliable institute becomes vital. AISSMS Polytechnic is one such top polytechnic college in Pune which instills all the required skills and strives for a holistic development of its students. The belief and pattern of functioning of a particular institute speaks a lot about it. Here is a quick link to know what the Principal of AISSMS Polytechnic has to say upon the Ideology of the college-

The number of courses available in polytechnic makes it the most rewarding career. The duration aspect leading to employment right after the course completion acts as the cheery on the top. Though there is a direct scope of admission in 2nd year of engineering for further studies, diploma in Polytechnic after 10th straight away opens the job options.

List of Polytechnic courses after 10th

  • Civil engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Computer engineering
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Automobile engineering

In conclusion, Polytechnic after 10th acts both ways and benefits both the kind of students; a student who want to start earning with a job in less time plus, aids in learning in detail for a student who wants to pursue engineering as a degree further. And above all, a polytechnic student is not only exposed to private but government jobs also.

Visit an AICTE approved one of the best polytechnic diploma colleges in Pune and see how you can get the best of the education for your career after 10th.

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