In the fight with Covid-19, Teachers should be counted as warriors too!

‘Teaching is a very noble profession and teachers build the future of the society.’

In the list of Covid-19 warriors, there are many unsung professionals; teachers being the utmost essential ones. Let us take a moment and appreciate the struggle faced yet teaching delivered by all the teachers of our nation.

It is known for a fact that India is a country which has consistently followed face-to-face style of teaching since the beginning. However the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic resulted in strict lockdowns where the education system faced a massive smash. But then again on the other hand, with the academics on hold in the starting months, the schools and colleges resumed their students’ education, but this time –Online!

The shift brought by the guidelines of the lockdown pertaining to society’s health made virtual learning a new normal for all. But do we identify the struggle behind the making of this new normal? Here is something to read that puts light on the fact that not only students were worried about their education, but how teachers were also tensed considering the changing methods of teaching-learning process.

The change in Teaching-Learning method

From In classroom – Keep quiet to, On video call- Can you please go on mute, the transformed education system has spun the table for the teachers.

Every educational institute has turned towards distance learning via cloud based video conferencing service and other social media platforms; Zoom, Google meets and WebEx are some of the names. In this tussle right from the start, teachers all over are observed adopting innovative modes of imparting veracious education by the use of this technology.

It is said that- the influence of teachers is not limited to the campus classrooms, but is beyond it; the virtual learning system proved this saying. The efforts taken by them towards students are remarkable. When it comes to online teaching, not all the teachers/professors would have had past experience in this style. But nothing could come across their determination. There are number of stories running online where the teachers are seen going an extra mile to deliver their subject virtually. If you are a student, you might agree on this.

Faculty at AISSMS

AISSMS, one of the best educational organization in Pune believes in holistic development of its students. To continue this tradition, the whole faculty at all the institutes at AISSMS organization has delivered extra-ordinary teachings since the outbreak of corona virus. Out of all, below are 3 key points highlighted-

  • Every teacher is different and holds his/her unique style of teaching. To not let this virtual education become a limitation, faculty with some past experience actively supported the others who were less acquainted. This has strengthened the productivity of all the educators.
  • Online learning has a chance of less attention from students’ end making it more challenging for teachers to keep the classes interactive. This has brought in more creativity and the professors/teachers have prepared more interesting and diverse content suiting their line of topics.
  • To stimulate constructive learning, online presence has been increased so that the education remains intact. Use of platforms like WhatsApp other than the video meetings is encouraged to keep the communication going and solve the questions via discussions.

In conclusion, what has been noticed is though virtual teaching-learning method started with some challenges, it has now turned into opportunities. The major advantage of online education is unlike traditional classes, communication between the teacher and students is no longer limited to class time anymore. This increased interaction has helped the students perform better comparatively.

All acknowledgments to the teachers who have strived hard to build a better understanding of their students’ capabilities. Therefore, it can be said that in the fight with the pandemic and its impacts, teachers are the warriors too!

AISSMS one of the best colleges in Pune has embraced this virtual teaching-learning method of new normal since the early months. It has now geared up even more for the new academic year. To know more about how you can get the best of the education from top college and build a strong future despite this present pandemic, visit

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