Ways to Beat the Pandemic and Lead in Your Academics

Learning is not attained by chance; it must be sought for with ardor and diligence.

~Abigail Adams

The COVID-19 outbreak has altered the functioning of whole of the society. The most affected sector after health and economy is the ‘education’. The transformation of the teaching-learning process from actual to virtual has its own boons and banes.  Remote working – once a treat, has become the new normal now.

Both the sides of academic institutions – students and the educators were tussling when this sudden disruption in the functioning of traditional education system arose. But soon with time, the state of unpreparedness turned into the gate for added learning.

Opportunities opened by online learning

Though virtual learning has taken away the perks of on-campus physical environment of education, it has brought in added new possibilities. Here are some sights to consider that has opened up and should be exploited by the students of all age-

  • This period of uncertainty has fetched in many new channels to get education. Multi-learning is now possible as you need not be physically present anywhere else but only in front of your screens.
  • Prominent universities have made their courses online. This is of huge benefit for students who could not get enrolled in the physical campuses due to reasons like movement, etc.
  • Accommodation, travel and other miscellaneous expense has drastically reduced.
  • Availability of all the required study material online has doubled the scale of efficient learning.
  • Most importantly, the Government guidelines pertaining to the health of the society has restricted the unnecessary movements which in turn has shut down many leisure activities out of the home. As a result, a lot of time and energy is being saved and in fact stored so as to utilize it for the better.
  • Look at it as a time saving chance and turn this remote learning into a major plus.

A good education today is the better future tomorrow; so stop the virus not the learning. It is understood that there are various questions climbing concerning the actual value addition of this style of learning. There are fears whether online education will adequately prepare the students for their chosen future.

Well, the answer lies in the determination and is subjective to an individual student. A student for whom studies is important and he is sincere in the path, nothing can become a hindrance in his excellence.

AISSMS, one of the top colleges in Pune shares a few elementary tips to excel in academics despite the pandemic

  1. Be resourceful – Know them first and act in accordance to the resources available for you. Make the best use of it. Identify what works for you better and plan accordingly.
  2. Strategize your studies– As there is ample of time and lot many resources, make a workable strategy of what to study, from where to study and how to study. Set a checker board so that you can alter your strategy timely.
  • Time Management– It is the most common area of talk, yet very rarely monitored. Such time won’t come back where you need not move out of your house to study. Manage this aptly so that once all this is over, you could feel your positive progress.
  1. Self-care – Self-care isn’t limited to personal grooming, it immensely affects the functioning of your brain that is directly proportional to the learning power. Know what lessens you stress and makes you feel good. Be it watching TV, eating good food, exercising, or simply lying in the bed. Just take care.

Times have changed for everybody in all ways. The only thing that will help you sustain is learning and adding some extra skills and enhance your productivity. This will only happen if you don’t let the distractions come in your way and convert this ‘new normal’ into a blessing in disguise.

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