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Priya Patwardhan

I am Priya Patwardhan, working in IHHI and I have been associated with AISSMS Pharmacy college as a counsellor for the last four years.

AISSMS has provided their students, staff, and non-teaching staff this facility and it’s the only institute I know which is giving exposure to this opportunity on such a large scale.

Let me share an experience about Suda Jain whom I have been counselling for almost 3 years. I am happy to share that Suda has changed immensely in her career as well as handling personal issues. This was possible not only because of counselling but also due to her sincere efforts to change herself.

It’s my humble request to each one of you to take counselling sessions that will help in empowering yourself. Taking the sessions will also help you to better handle your career as well as personal issues.

Priya Patwardhan Counsellor, AISSMS COP 24 Mar 2022

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