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Ashleysha Yesugade

I’ve had an exquisite time studying at S. S. P. M. Day school & Junior college, “I’ve grown greater than I ought to ever believe. The memories I used to not only attend, but create, the adventures I got to discover with S. S. P. M. Day college & Junior college, and the folks I got to meet on the way everything is just astonishing. I’ve found the faculty and staff to be highly friendly and helpful, the hands-on teaching style gives appropriate learning opportunities and the amount of effort the teachers put in to students is truly commendable.

The journey from the student of this school to the judge of the competition is really overwhelming. I came here again after many years, even though a lot of keys have been turned upside down, it all feels the same as before, it is said that no matter how much one learns and grows up, one can never forget one’s school, and I felt that…. I am thankful to SSPM Day School that what they’ve taught here isn’t just a piece of expertise, they have taught experiences.

Ashleysha Yesugade S. S. P. M. Day School & Junior College 24 Mar 2022

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