Dhananjay Kshirsagar

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Dhananjay Kshirsagar

Dishwasher to Director: people see only flights landing at foreign airports but very few acknowledge the tough journey behind it.

With the best job and best experience in hand, working as an Assistant Professor in the best hotel management college that is AISSMS CHMCT.

I thought Canadians would welcome me with a big smile. But I thought that was completely wrong. I couldn’t understand, rather it was beyond my imagination that on one side they rejected my PR application because my

qualification and experience don’t meet their requirements and on the other hand, they rejected my student visa saying I’m overqualified and over-experienced. My inner mind was fighting with the situation and finally, after

trying hard I got the news that a visa is granted. I started my career as a dishwasher. I completed my post-graduation with the special reward of Dean’s

Honours, and at the same time, that acceptance of the dishwasher’s job led to further progression with that company, and was offered the ‘Director of Hospitality’ position. During the pandemic also worked hard and trained applicants. Today, when I look back, I remember my first job as a dishwasher in Canada, and today as a founder & director of Infinity School of

Hospitality, I feel satisfied, challenged, and appreciated for my hard work, knowledge, and attitude. It will be your strength for your next dream and next journey because the only impossible journey is the one ….you never begin

Dhananjay Kshirsagar Founder & Director at Infinity School of Hospitality, Vancouver, Canada, BHMCT 2001 BATCH 24 Mar 2022

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