Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS Industrial Training Institute Boribhadak

Mr. Nitin Jagtap
Alumnus- AISSMS Private Industrial Training Institute

Mr. Nitin Jagtap is one of the most dedicated & experimental alumnus of AISSMS Private Industrial Training Institute (Branch- tool & die maker). He stepped into the college right after his 10th grade & with immense sincerity accomplished his 3 years of academics. He also got placed at Force Motors & worked there for a while; but due to the company’s economic reasons he went back to his native place & turned to farming. Here it is where his real story of today’s success starts.

Starting a business of own was his dream since the very beginning. He kept pondering about it while he was farming. Finally in 2005 he took that tiny leap of faith and began to make gloves required in industries on a single sewing machine with one labourer at assistance. Soon he realized the market need & also came across some imported machines to aid him in the production. He went to China to know & learn about them after which he imported many of them with time here back in India.

All this enabled him to increase his man power& production which opened his doors to supply in many multinational companies like Godrej, Tata Steel, etc.

‘The 3Ps- Patience, Passion & Perspiration = Remarkable Success.’

While touring these industries for marketing, the understanding of machines he gathered at AISSMS Private Industrial Training Institute enabled him to have a confident & technical conversation with the supervisors there. In this time-span he visited nearly 1000 companies and today he supplies from Kashmir to Kanyakumari & even to the Andaman Nicobar Islands.; in fact his industry also covers certain areas overseas like- Russia & Middle East.All this wasn’t as easy and fast as it looks here though! There were many challenges, mostly financial which he sportingly accepted and overcame. Today his company’s turnover is 14 Crore!

He mentions how thankful he is for the practical oriented training at AISSMSITI, the discipline maintained, the scope to experiment. The encouragement by the faculty & the overall friendly environment which he believes is the most required foundation for any student.

His company is named as ‘Baramati Industries’ today and is on the way to be known as ‘Dakalkar Industries  India Pvt. Ltd.’ soon letting him expand his business globally.

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