Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Catering Technology

Mr. Mousa Abdi
Alumnus- AISSMS Management & Catering Technology

Mr. Mousa Abdi, an Iranian-American alumnus of AISSMS College of Hotel Management & Catering Technology, took admission to a three-year BSc. Hospitality in 2011. Being an international student, he had the privilege to study with high rank students in a professional yet amicable environment.  During his graduation years, he used all the opportunities provided by the faculty& administration & kept enhancing his skills every day. While learning he also worked with phenomenal professionals in the hospitality industry through the several internships and trainings in the luxury hotels, such as JW Marriott in Pune. His zeal to learn more and more made him participate inorganizing a number of college fests & competitions. This helped him get familiar with the hospitality culture and work with a team for a fixed goal.


‘Zeal to learn raises your confidence to work 10 times higher’

He asserts that right from Dr.Sonali Jadhav, Principal of AISSMS CHMCT, to the entire faculty, everybody has helped him settle in a foreign nation with a friendly atmosphere that let him focus on his goal of learning.

The experience he gained in starting his own business while pursuing education provided him with a combination of strong communication and teamwork skills while fuelling his interest in supply chain and management. His versatility helps him deal with customers as he had also learned about the functioning of the front office and nitty-gritty of Food and Beverages.

After gaining immense knowledge from here, he permanently moved to the U.S. As a graduate of AISSMS CHMCT & an experience in hospitality management, he has much to contribute to wherever he goes & works with all his multitasking managerial skills. At present he is working as a Sales Manager in a renowned retail store- Costco.

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