Dr. Anuradha Karmarkar

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Dr. Anuradha Karmarkar

Once while reading about Japanese work culture one striking fact which I came across was that the employees are so committed to their organisation that they are said to be “married to the organisation “.

Well, I will not be wrong when I say that we witness similar dedication and commitment from the employees towards their work and of course towards AISSMS.

For most of us, it’s like our second home and extended family.

Under the very able, transparent, supportive, focused and progressive leadership of our college and AISSMS, each one of us have experienced our personal and professional growth.

This is not limited to us faculty, but the students too have made their mark in different  hospitality professions, not only  in India  but have taken the brand AISSMS  on a global map

This commitment to excel has been imbibed in every employee and students and this is what will take the brand AISSMS  to greater heights and this would be the most preferred brand amongst hospitality schools pan India.

Dr. Anuradha Karmarkar Assistant Professor AISSMS College of Hotel Management and Technology 28 Dec 2019

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