Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS College of Engineering

Mr. Altaf Inamdar
Alumnus- AISSMS College of Engineering

Mr. Altaf Inamdar, alumnus of AISSMS College of Engineering stepped into the very first batch of Chemical Engineering (2010) with a philosophy comprising 3 major elements- Hard Work, Loyalty & Teamwork. With the whole-hearted support of the faculty & the optimistic environment of the campus, he completed his graduation with absolute sincerity.






‘’A vision to extend your own horizon helps you explore your own potential.’’

Prof. A. S. Jadhav who headed the department with a team of dedicated faculty, stood strong as pillars for everybody. They together not just accomplished the academic goals but developed the practical ability & entrepreneurship skills too. This process turned the Students -Teacher relation into that of a good friend, only for the better.

Mr. Altaf’s career spans over 18-19 years of professional and entrepreneurial endeavor till date. He always had a thirst to learn because of which after completing his graduation from AISSMS COE, he went for a Post Graduate Diploma in Boiler, Process Equipment, Design & Engineering from VIT COE Pune. Then he pursued a Master of Business Administration too.

During his entire Career he worked on 50-60 projects which were majorly based on Detailed & Basic Engineering, On- Site activities like Plant Erection & Construction, Testing of Static & Rotating Equipment, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning of the chemical plants. Apart from these project executions he also looked into Proposal Engineering, Costing & Estimation, Marketing, and Business Development for Domestic & International Projects. All of this enabled him to visit more than 40 counties with 200 Plus installations throughout the world.

At present he owns one of the leading design and engineering organizations in India & South Asia named as Techpert Process Solutions. He established this in 2011-12. Techpert Process Solutions provides EPC services for various projects- Owners Engineers Service, Advisory and Turnkey services principally focused on the chemical industries Viz. potable alcohol, industrial alcohol, ethyl acetate, organic jaggery & allied industries. It is a ‘Total Solution ’ engineering Company providing Feasibility, Design, Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Procurement, Construction & Integrated Project Management services from ‘Concept to Commissioning’ with highest quality and safety standards. In addition, the company has also diversified into Waste Treatment & Renewable Energy solutions under the brand name of Patpert Teknow systems Pvt. Ltd.

And in this way Mr. Altaf Inamdar has broadened his own horizons along with his business. He shares how grateful he is to all the learnings he received at AISSMS College of Engineering which has made him what he is today.

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