If you are thinking of making carrier in Engineering please think about Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a basic branch of engineering, aims in utilizing natural and locally available resources for the benefit of society. Civil engineering has wide range of branches like Surveying and levelling,Building planning and construction, Advanced construction, Structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Water resource engineering, Transportation engineering, Environmental engineering,Haudraulics, Town Planning .A civil engineer can work as Valuer (in a bank for valuation of real properties) and as an Arbitrator.

he knowledge of civil engineering is useful in satisfying all the three basic needs of a human being like

FOOD- Construction of dams and canals

CLOTHING-Construction of factories

SHELTER-Construction of a house

Functions of Civil Engineer can be divided in to:

  • Before construction
  • During construction
  • After construction
  1. Before the construction-Feasibility study, surveying, site investigation, planning, design and drawing & detailing, estimating, planning and scheduling.
  2. During construction-Consulting engineer, Execution and supervision, Quality control
  3. After construction-Maintenance and repairs, valuation.

Considering the wide scope for Civil Engineering one should select Civil engineering as a carrier.

Written By
Mr. Anturkar

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