Beyond Academics – Building Youth for the 21st Century

AISSMS, as an organization, firmly believes that a student’s holistic development shall be prioritised above all to enable him/her to excel in this rapidly changing world. As an institute, AISSMS provides a platform that will help students to excel socially, emotionally and professionally.

Along with the much essential theoretical and practical subject knowledge with the state-of-the-art facilities throughout the organization, AISSMS facilitates students with plethora of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which are essential to adopt in the 21st century.

Enhancing Confidence to Stay Ahead of the Curve

We believe that a large part of success in life depends on person’s confidence and personality & to ensure that the students know the importance and inculcate the best practices we help students in the art of personal grooming. Special sessions are conducted on business etiquettes, negotiation skills and effective communication. Additional classes to the curriculum on leadership, teamwork and analytical skills, make them go hand-in-hand with academics and facilitates all-round, holistic development.

Extra-Curricular Excellence

Be it academics or extra-curricular activities, the students are readied for a winning attitude! We organise numerous events and activities throughout the year to ensure that our students get a well-rounded exposure. Among them are ‘Shivanjali’ – our annual social gathering and excellence awards ceremony organised to celebrate those who excel in academics, sports and extra-curricular activities through the year; ‘Ashwamedh’- the inter collegiate sports and cultural fest for students from various engineering colleges; ‘Atithya’ – An international event conducted by college of hotel management and catering technology; ‘Shivaji Cricket Trophy’ – a state level T-20 cricket tournament; ‘Shahu Football Trophy’ – a state level Football tournament for various professional institutes, including Engineering, Hotel Management, Management and Pharmacy and numerous other such events.

Personality Development

We organise PDSST i.e. personality development and soft skill training program regularly for our students and invite a series of guest lectures from some of the most noted motivational speakers to ensure that the morale of our students remains high and they succeed in all their chosen ventures.

Inculcation of values and ethics

AISSMS is known for instilling value-based education in students, we believe that it is crucial for students to have not only freedom of choice but also a deep commitment towards society, clubbed with responsibility. To inculcate these vital qualities, we conduct a series of social initiatives such as ‘Tree Plantation drives, ‘Blood Donation Camps’, ‘Cleanliness Initiatives’, ‘Campaigns for Women’s Health and Safety’ with social workers and industry experts involved. Students organising these events, receive invaluable first-hand training in becoming responsible, dedicated citizens of our society.

Grooming to be Industry Ready

Since we stress a lot on our ‘Campus Placement’ initiates, a big part of our course is dedicated towards enhancing a student’s confidence and skill, so that he/she can do well in focus areas such as interviews and group tasks/discussions.

We prepare our students by making sure that all major aspects of training are covered, including things such as dress codes and non-verbal communication. A student, who undergoes our rigorous training regimen, is prepared to meet any situation head-on and deliver his/her best.

We follow a pedagogy that incorporates presentations and class discussions, so that students end up disowning their fears of public speaking and are perfectly turned-out for leadership roles.

Counselling - Expert Personal & Professional Advice

Our unique Mentor-Mentee programme ensures a regular interaction between faculty and student. Each faculty is assigned a group of 5-6 students, who he/she engages for the duration of the programme. The faculty thereby gains an in-depth insight into student philosophy and the students in turn gain the guidance and wisdom of their appointed mentor.

In addition, we also have a full-fledged Mentoring & Grieg-Redressal Committee for students, who encounter any personal or emotional problems.

If a student hits a road block in life, we help him/her through it. We proudly follow the tradition of the Armed Forces in that ‘no man is left behind’!

Entrepreneurship Awareness - Entrepreneurship Development and Incubation Centre

We fully recognize the new reality that entrepreneurship is an indispensable career option for graduating students. What is more, this also provides valuable self-employment opportunities that are the backbone of a fast-developing economy.

To further it, we organise various Entrepreneurship Development activities like Entrepreneurship awareness camps, Skill development programmes and ‘Expert talks’, all conducted through the Entrepreneurship Development Cell (EAC).  The objective is not only to impart requisite skills in the world of business, but also disseminate knowledge regarding the roles and responsibilities of various statutory bodies involved while setting up the entrepreneurial venture. These include bodies such as DIC, MIDC, MSSIDC, MSFC, MPCB, FDA and ROC.

The organization has been benefiting greatly through all the activities that it conducts, and the results are reflected through the success of numerous students that excel in the lives both professionally and personally. Know more about the vision and mission of the organization by visiting

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