Alumni Say's

AISSMS IOM has been budding identity in the Corporate world.. It may not be the most premier A+ class institute but it aint any lesser when it comes to student’s knowledge enhancement. 14 years ago when the institute was incorporated, I was a part of the 1st batch of 60.. The institute since then has always had a clear focus on corporate engagements (study tours – Coca-Cola Plant, Pirangut) to give a reality check to all its patrons.. It’s focus on case studies, extracurricular activities has helped throughout my 12 year career across brands like Radio Mirchi, Times of India, MiD DAY, Sakal.

Today as the brand head for Maharashtra Times, Pune I am thankful to the director and all faculties to make us Industry ready.

Partha Joshi - Alumni Depty Chief Manager Brand - Times of India Group. AISSMS IOM

AISSMS College of Engineering, Pune – Alumni Association registered under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 on 10.01.2014 with following objective.

  • To arrange and support in placement activities for the students of the college
  • To encourage the students of the college & members of the Association for research & development work in various fields like Engineering, Computers, Industrialization, etc.
  • To Mentor the students of the college for higher education, development of character and being GOOD citizens.
  • To provide Scholarships to deserving students and ex-students of the college – for the purpose of Education and Sport.
  • To encourage and guide the students of the college on self employment to become entrepreneurs.
  • To encourage and support students of the college in sports, cultural and extra-curricular activities.
  • To work towards environment conservation, anti- pollution activities against air, water and sound pollution, by slide shows, street plays, demos, handbills and all possible ways of social awareness.
  • To help victims and victim areas of Natural calamity and disasters like earth quakes, floods, storms, malnutrition, fire and violence.
  • To arrange blood donation, eye donation, and health awareness Camps.

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