Praveen Langare

Praveen Langare

Hi all, I am a proud alumnus of AISSMS College of Pharmacy, Pune. I have graduated from college in 2005.  What to write about the place where I have spent 4 years of my life. This platform is really small to write those 4 years.  Still, I feel really happy to write it.

All those four years are running in front of the eyes. This college has been a real learning place for me. Good academics is and will always be an important factor in any students life.  Dr. K. G. Bothara gave very strong academic base and Dr. A R Madgulkar is taking our college to different heights.

And obviously, a leader cannot accomplish any goal without a great team. That team is our teaching faculty with full of knowledge and passion to deliver it to the next generation. And same like supporting staff in every field the staff here has been always a good supporting strength.

Though academics is base of any teaching institute, it is not the only thing which creates best performers in the outer world. The overall development of the human being is important. And the environment here has always supported for students to grow in all possible directions. With my personal experience, I can say I have been very close to most of the teaching faculty, and they have guided us in all aspects, other than academics also.

For any student to know the real world outside,  sharing actual experience of alumni in the industry is the important factor. And Our college has always provided that platform through different activities.

Currently, I am having my own business, I am a partner in hospital supply firm P S Enterprises, Pune

Also, I am a partner in, non-pharma business, Yashada Enterprise, Pune. I will be happy to contribute in future in my best capacity for the bright future of all my friends.

Best wishes to AISSMS College of Pharmacy, all its alumni and future alumni.

Praveen Langare Business, Yashada Enterpirses, Pune AISSMS - College of Pharmacy 30 Apr 2019

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