Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS

Mr. Shubham Vishnu Dhakane
Alumnus – AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

Shubham Vishnu Dhakane an alumnus of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology has now reached all the heights he looked at. He has had a curious mind for electronic gadgets since his childhood which he wanted to take further as an educational degree first and then a professional career. For this to happen, he first started with a general diploma course in engineering and took all the efforts to learn as much & also kept doing a few projects. During this time, he realised that there is so much to learn and wanted to do more in the field. For this, he started looking for a course which could give him an in-depth knowledge around his interest. His search got successfully completed at college where he took admission to a bachelor’s degree in engineering.




“A journey of a student from an urge to
learn to an aim to succeed.”

Just when he completed his second year, he started to do mini projects with an eye for practical experience. His consistency in doing what he aimed at & urge towards learning new things took his understanding of the subject to a desired level.

One fine day he wanted to work on electronic products which demanded costly instruments. Being a student of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology, with his professor’s guidance he seemly explores the college laboratory & made the most out of it which kick started his journey of success. He then used to organise workshops in the college and simultaneously started working into different domains of Electronics and IT fields.

His work and experience into 100+ different real time projects during his studies probably played a major role in creating an entrepreneur out of him today. With a mindset of a leader, he established his own company IDLE SOLUTIONS PVT LTD which gives all the latest business solutions worldwide giving the company a turnover of around 2 Crore and more.

He extends his gratitude towards his professors, friends, parents who supported him in his journey.

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