Stories behind the Shining Gems of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

Ms Samruddhi Kulkarni

Founder Meliora Technologies
Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

It is often said that success depends upon its second letter that is ‘U’. We can affirm this as Ms Samruddhi Kulkarni, alumni of AISSMS Institute of Information Technology has truly proven this quote. Being a motivated & passionate student, she has always kept her flame of learning to burn. Today she has her own company named Meliora Technologies.
Completing her primary education in a small city, she moved to Pune and pursued her BE at AISSMS. With active participation in all the events & activities of the college, she kept her doors to learn always open. After graduation, like every other student, she was on a hunt for a job of her liking. But with time something clicked on her & she realized her potential of being a leader. She thought why to keep seeking if I can start something of my own & in fact, provide opportunities to people like me!






“The habit of persistence is the habit of victory”.

She transformed this thought, planned a new venture & brought it into action in 2018- “Meliora Technologies”. Starting with a team of 2 with a WFH set-up & no previous business background, she faced certain challenges. But nothing stopped her from doing what she aimed at & kept growing. Services of Meliora Technologies include Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Content Marketing and Lead Generation with clients across industries like Healthcare, Education, Finance, etc. Not only in India, but the list now includes international clients too.

With a belief that success is a journey, not a destination, Ms Samruddhi has achieved everything she wanted & still works with persistence. She considers her graduation years as her core that helped her succeed. She adds-‘the academics of the Computer Engineering department at AISSMS IOIT was very interactive in nature & the knowledge shared by the faculty has been immensely helpful to all the students’.


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