AISSMS ITI by Urmil Sudhir Potdar

Name : Urmil Sudhir Potdar
Alumnus : AISSMS Industrial Training Institute
Trade : Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
Batch : 2010-2012

A proud owner of ‘Sudhir Enterprises’ and ‘Urmil Services’, a highly successful entrepreneur, reminisced on his best days of being associated with two prestigious institutions of the AISSM Society. His deepest gratitude goes to the AISSMS ITI and AISSMS Polytechnics, who were instrumental contributors to his career path, motivating him and making an enormous contribution to helping him achieve his career goals. The teachers guided him every step of the way in every aspect of his career, especially Prof. More, who always pushed for more knowledge. His exposure to practical and industry-specific knowledge made him more determined to start his own business as a result of the course.

“The key to achieving a dream is not focusing on success but significance, and each step along your path will add value to your journey.”

Urmil attended a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning course from AISSMS ITI and later pursued a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from AISSMS Polytechnic. In 2010, he enrolled on the ITI program after completing his SSC. His skills have been developed and enhanced  by ITI’s extensive professional course at a young age, thereby improving his career prospects. Following this, he completed a one-year apprenticeship with Blue Star, Pune. Having successfully completed his apprenticeship, he undertook a Diploma course in mechanical engineering from AISSMS Polytechnics.

In his ITI days, he was always fascinated to set up his own startup, he felt that you cannot get the liberty of experimentation and research in a job environment and so he founded his firm named ‘Sudhir Enterprises’ in 2016 and started another venture called ‘Urmil Services’ a year ago. ” The institute gave me the confidence and strength to launch my own business. When I started my business, the going wasn’t great, no one was ready to trust a newcomer, but the knowledge and motivation I gained during my time with the AISSMS Industrial Training Institute (ITI) has been extremely beneficial to the functioning and establishment of my business.”, he added further.

He expressed his deep appreciation and thanks to AISSMS ITI, He acknowledges the institute as one of the very best, not only for it’s expertise and teaching methods but for helping him to believe in himself as well. Additionally, he said that he always believed that your learning journey should not end with a college degree, which is a lesson he has gained from his mentor and teacher Prof. More. Therefore, he is eager to begin a new chapter of his life at AISSMS COE by enrolling in the ‘Water and Wastewater Management Course’ as a way to embark on a new adventure in his professional career.

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