A student whose story of being an all-rounder gave her the strength to represent india internationally

Miss Harsha Shah
Alumnus- AISSMS Institute of Information Technology

Miss Harsha Shah is a notable alumnus of the AISSMS Institute of Information Technology. She completed her graduation in Computer Engineering in the year 2017. Her academic history in AISSMS IOIT holds a bright position. The college’s culture of helping students identify their true aspirations through the medium of extra-curricular activities proved to be a key to her success. Such activities give way to a student’s ambitions and inspire careers that correspond to the student’s dream. Miss Harsha has left guiding footprints in AISSMS IOIT for the new dancers aiming to sharpen their art form.

“Engineers can be all-rounders. Their passion for understanding different dynamics of a subject becomes their greatest strength.”

Miss Harsha Shah truly believes that the big opportunity you dream of is always lingering right around your present moment. Her strong belief in her inner strengths was distinctly visible during her time in graduation that marks her participation in the National Level – Cultural Group Dance Competition. She consistently practiced her steps and danced her heart out to rank 2nd among all in the final stage of the National Level Dance Competition. And all of this happened alongside the technical events she was always expected to be a part of. Surprisingly, her understanding of technical skills was just as good as her dancing abilities.

Watching her dance skills grow so flexibly with her academic journey is an experience for the new engineers to learn from. Besides the rank she held in the National Level Group Dance Competition during her graduation, Miss Harsha had also proved herself internationally proficient in the South Korea Group Dance competition. Her teamwork and determination to represent India internationally earned our country 4th position in a reputed Group Dance competition. This achievement is a portrayal of encouragement for engineers all around our country to keep pushing on their passions.

A bachelor’s degree will always be beneficial in supporting your passionate dreams. The studying and adapting capabilities she developed at AISSMS Institute of Information Technology widely contributed to her field of interest. The years following her farewell in AISSMS College proved very advantageous to her goals of thriving as a professional dancer. She validated her confidence in education even more by gaining a Diploma certification in HipHop. During this period, she further excelled her dance abilities under the mentorship of World Champions “The Kings”. Learning from the experiences of artists who won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship fueled her aspirations of adding pride to the country’s history.

“The Kings” provided her with invaluable expertise to stand out in the field of Dance. She considers her interactions with the winners of NBC’S World of Dance extremely significant in her life. Adding more to underline her all-rounder capacities, Miss Harsha Shah is now freelancing as a dance instructor, a fitness coach, and also a sales executive for an online dance firm. AISSMS Institute will always hold a special place for exceptional talents like Miss Harsha Shah.

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